FR4080 Koi II


The first megapixel presentation scanner on the market.

As the first megapixel scanner on the market, the Koi II reads 1D and 2D barcodes, including Aztec, with speed and ease. Equipped with a switch to toggle between paper and screen modes you are assured to have the best optimized reading every time. With user friendliness being at the forefront of POS systems, the Koi II features soft illumination with a 10-degree tilt that insures comfort for both employees and customers. Combined with its superior performance and level of comfort, the FR4080 Koi II is the perfect addition to any POS system.

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First megapixel presentation scanner.
At the top of the line, the FR4080 Koi II reads 1D and 2D barcodes, including Aztec, with speed and accuracy. It is the first presentation scanner on the market that includes a megapixel camera and is capable of reading even the most complex codes. This makes it the perfect solution for applications like POS systems in retail and pharmacy, ticket verification and more.
Unmatched flexibility.
With a switch to toggle between paper and screen mode, the FR4080 Koi II is ready for any barcode that it is presented with. This added flexibility, leaves this hardware unaffected.
Comfortable Illumination.
With a 10° angle and soft illumination, the FR4080 Koi II guarantees comfort to both customers and employees. When facing outwards, the illumination will not draw unnecessary attention.
IP52 rated sealing.
With an IP52 rated seal, the FR4080 Koi II is protected against dust, water and other contaminants.
1.2 drop resistance.
The FR4080 Koi II withstands multiple 1.2m drops to concrete (six sides, one drop per side).
IR trigger.
The IR sensor in the FR4080 Koi II enables the speedy capture of any barcode presented to it, markedly increasing output and productivity.






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